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Opening of Rolling Film Fest

Opening of Rolling Film Fest

article by Kosovo 2.0

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The last time I went to a film festival in Prishtina there was a red carpet, bright lights and a line at the cocktail bar. When I arrived at the premiere of Rolling Film Festival, it was quiet at first, and certainly more subtle. But then, group by group and person by person, the crowd began to grow until the lobby was overflowing onto the stairs of the National Theater. A young man told us that he had been at the first RFF premiere five years ago and there were only twenty people in the audience; now they had a full house. Attractive programs were handed out by attentive staff members, friends greeted each other excitedly and there was an apparent sense that few, if any, had come begrudgingly. The lights flashed to signal the start and the crowd was slowly ushered into the theater. Before the event my colleagues and I discussed our intrigue regarding the choice of the opening film: a silent Charlie Chaplin movie made in 1921. We were not sure why the directors chose it, but a touching justification was soon made evident.

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