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Roma Cinema Launches it’s Website

The FOCUS! Roma Cinema Youth Project launches its online resource center

The event took place on 6th February 2018 in Budapest, at the Docuart Cinema.
Based on years of incredible work done by the Rolling Film Festival in Kosovo*, the online center provides a lens through the diversity, richness and humanity of this community by promoting grassroots cinema from inspiring filmmakers. It includes a database of films made by & about Roma, education screening kits and other tools targeting especially the educational and youth sectors.

The website address was published

They talk about it…

 The hard work, persistence, clarity and FOCUS of the team is an ongoing model for artistic engagement in championing human rights and dignity. Thank you for the passion as well as joy and care you all bring to this journey.
Rand Engel
funder of Balkans Sunflowers Kosovo
“I have the great feeling that not only we created a website, we contributed to the emerging of a diverse 
and vibrant community of people passionate 
by this topic and ready to 
cooperate with each other” 
Charlotte Bohl
project coordinator of Focus! Roma cinema youth project

I will use the website in my daily work, answering numerous film related request of Mateo Maximoff libr
ary’s users. Focus project worked well because of the quality of the cooperation between partners and its participative approach.
Evelyne Pommerat
Director of Mateo Maximoff Library in Paris.

“The Focus Center is very useful tool because you can find films that are so difficult to find otherwise and also as it offers pedagogical tools and concrete example of good practices. A 
really hands-on tool”.
Clara Guillaud
Educational cinema programs designer & facilitator, Paris

“This center is unique and I was delighted to see how diverse was our audience during this event. We managed to bring together participants from the youth sector, but also representative from higher education, activist, educators, human rights festival managers, teachers, academic researcher etc”.
Sami Mustafa
filmmaker and director of the Rolling Film Festival in Kosovo


The project and the event was produced by three organization Phiren Amenca, 
Somany, Romawood & The Rolling Film Festival and supported by Erasmus + Youth program.The event was launched with the screening of the film Drifter, directed by Gábor Hörcher, followed by Hét Hat Club’s concert.
A series of participatory workshops facilitated by Clara Farkas and Sára Szilágyi (Phiren Amenca) with international experts took place in the afternoon, reflecting the FOCUS theme: the power of cinema associated with educational activities to combat stereotypes and racism against Roma communities.Invited experts included:
Evelyne Pommerat
Head of the Library Matéo Maximoff, Fnasat-Gens du voyage, Paris.
Radmila Mladenova
PhD Candidate and Researcher at the University of Heidelberg, Germany
Astrid Oelpenich
Former board member of Phiren Amenca and project coordinator of RomArchive Section Politics of Photography
Clara Guillaud
Educational cinema programs designer & facilitator, film programmer, Paris
Sami Mustafa
filmmaker and director of the Rolling Film Festival in Kosovo
Denis & Faton Mustafa
Filmmakers and Roma youth activists, Kosovo
-Charlotte Bohl
FProject coordinator of Focus


Partners involved in organization of the project the project.

project supported by Erasmus+