Cikore Filmja Kosovo 2012

Cikore Filmja – film competition – films made with mobile phones competing at Rolling Film Festival

Cikore Filmja-film workshop Being creative is not dependent on using expensive tools. New technologies offer a trampoline for creation and allow everyone to invent new forms of cinema. This is particularly relevant to young people with fewer opportunities. Doors open to amateur films made by youth and these experiments democratize the practice of film. Toxic FunThe short video clips will be presented during. Rolling Film Festival, giving visibility to Roma youth creativity.

The short clips will be submitted to an Audience Award. The winner will receive a Mini-Dv Camera, and/or a short training to turn her video clip into a short film.


This competition has to be supported by the implementation of workshops. Four workshops are organized with the support of local NGOs with 8 youth in each workshop, 15-20 years old, in different cities: Mitrovica, Plemetina, Gjilan, Gracanica. The workshop will last for one day in each location and will have two phases: Part 1: Discussion about the themes1 of the competition and brainstorming and debate about the questions raised by the topic. Part 2: Reflection about the film-making process and how a one-minute clip can express a message; understanding the process of building a story, the relevance of creating an audiovisual message. to watch selected films from this workshop click on the fallowing link.




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