Art in Action Films 2011

Documentary Film Workshop

Within the frame of intercultural and social experiment lead by Gaia in partnership with Romawood in Plementina – Kosovo, the documentary film video workshop aim was to get local and international participants more familiar with the cinematic language elements in order to develop an own film project later on, through small practical exercises at the very first approach but also to learn the Plemetina stories they have been looking for. The group of six people (Denis Mustafa, Sita Scheder, Benjamin Huget , Caroline de Vite and Avdilj Mustafa) has been divided in four different film crew. The film crew has been filming their human rights stories in Plemetina:


Kosovo B: The Imposible Movie by Benjamin Huguet Synopsis: Benjamin is coming to a small village called Plemetina near Pristina (the capital of Kosovo) looking for protagonist of his story, while looking for them he is discovering an unusual things.

Toxic Fun: a film by Denis Mustafa Synopsis: Hajji is a father of five children and a husband. Jobless, he is trying to kill time by watching TV or radio, but since the electric cuts often he is going to fish in a toxic river

The Pink House:  a film by Site Schemer Synopsis: A family portrait of three woman and two generation talking about marriage, family.

While each participant was taking care o Caroline de Vite: She  was taking care of all other film crew and the campaign by documenting with her video camera

PHOTO WORKSHOP The media workshop is divided in 2 groups. 6 of us decided to gather around the photography medium to lead the reflection about Plemetina social challenges and issues. Some of us had already experience in photography, but 2 of the participants it was one of the first time they are using photo camera. It was not easy to find how we would work together, as we all have different background and approach. We decided to make personal series of photograph with common topics expressed as 8 words: Love /// Hate /// Freedom /// Joy /// Friendship /// Death /// Hope /// Beauty We presented 4 series, 2 made by Agron and Seat, who are living in Plemetina, and 2 made by Lucille and Lukas (French and German participants). We confronted their vision of Plemetina village, as local and international and also as Roma and non-Roma. Working around these 8 words was a challenge. It was about trying to catch moments, but also about reflecting our conception of life, the way we look at our environment, is it a new and unknown place, or a place where we live everyday.


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