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Sami is independent film maker from the Roma community of Plemetina, Kosovo. For seven years, he has been writing scripts, producing, and directing for more than twenty documentaries, docu-fiction and promotional films about his community, human rights and NGO projects in Kosovo, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia, and France. His films have won several prizes, and been screened at several film festivals - including Cannes in 2007. He is director of his own production house, Romawood.

Roma Cinema Launches it’s Website

The FOCUS! Roma Cinema Youth Project launches its online resource center

The event took place on 6th February 2018 in Budapest, at the Docuart Cinema.
Based on years of incredible work done by the Rolling Film Festival in Kosovo*, the online center provides a lens through the diversity, richness and humanity of this community by promoting grassroots cinema from inspiring filmmakers. It includes a database of films made by & about Roma, education screening kits and other tools targeting especially the educational and youth sectors.

The website address was published

They talk about it…

 The hard work, persistence, clarity and FOCUS of the team is an ongoing model for artistic engagement in championing human rights and dignity. Thank you for the passion as well as joy and care you all bring to this journey.
Rand Engel
funder of Balkans Sunflowers Kosovo
“I have the great feeling that not only we created a website, we contributed to the emerging of a diverse 
and vibrant community of people passionate 
by this topic and ready to 
cooperate with each other” 
Charlotte Bohl
project coordinator of Focus! Roma cinema youth project

I will use the website in my daily work, answering numerous film related request of Mateo Maximoff libr
ary’s users. Focus project worked well because of the quality of the cooperation between partners and its participative approach.
Evelyne Pommerat
Director of Mateo Maximoff Library in Paris.

“The Focus Center is very useful tool because you can find films that are so difficult to find otherwise and also as it offers pedagogical tools and concrete example of good practices. A 
really hands-on tool”.
Clara Guillaud
Educational cinema programs designer & facilitator, Paris

“This center is unique and I was delighted to see how diverse was our audience during this event. We managed to bring together participants from the youth sector, but also representative from higher education, activist, educators, human rights festival managers, teachers, academic researcher etc”.
Sami Mustafa
filmmaker and director of the Rolling Film Festival in Kosovo


The project and the event was produced by three organization Phiren Amenca, 
Somany, Romawood & The Rolling Film Festival and supported by Erasmus + Youth program.The event was launched with the screening of the film Drifter, directed by Gábor Hörcher, followed by Hét Hat Club’s concert.
A series of participatory workshops facilitated by Clara Farkas and Sára Szilágyi (Phiren Amenca) with international experts took place in the afternoon, reflecting the FOCUS theme: the power of cinema associated with educational activities to combat stereotypes and racism against Roma communities.Invited experts included:
Evelyne Pommerat
Head of the Library Matéo Maximoff, Fnasat-Gens du voyage, Paris.
Radmila Mladenova
PhD Candidate and Researcher at the University of Heidelberg, Germany
Astrid Oelpenich
Former board member of Phiren Amenca and project coordinator of RomArchive Section Politics of Photography
Clara Guillaud
Educational cinema programs designer & facilitator, film programmer, Paris
Sami Mustafa
filmmaker and director of the Rolling Film Festival in Kosovo
Denis & Faton Mustafa
Filmmakers and Roma youth activists, Kosovo
-Charlotte Bohl
FProject coordinator of Focus


Partners involved in organization of the project the project.

project supported by Erasmus+



FOCUS – Roma Cinema Youth Project 2016-2018

FOCUS – Roma Cinema Youth Project – European Strategic Partnership 2016-2018

Over the next two years, in the framework of FOCUS Roma Cinema Youth Project, we will work together to create an online Roma cinema resources center for use in various educational and cultural contexts. We believe deeply in using the power of culture and films to fight for human rights. The FOCUS project challenges both negative and positive/exotic stereotypes of the Roma communities by promoting grass-roots cinema from inspiring filmmakers. The partners will develop a database of 100 films made by, about or with Roma, along with a non-formal educational toolkit to challenge stereotypes and racism.

Facebook page:

In partnership with Somany (France), Romawood, & Rolling Film Festival (Kosovo) and Phiren Amenca

This project is a youth strategic partnership supported by the Erasmus + programme.

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For Immediate Release – Nomination to Trapped by Law by Jihlava IFF

World Premiere Jihlava Film Festival 2015, October 28th
at 22:00 in Dukla Edison Cinema

Film website:

The World Premiere will take place in the International Jihlava Film Festival 2015 in Czech Republic competing for First Lights and Between the Seas competitions, on October 28th at 22:00 in Dukla Edison Cinema. Trapped by Law a feature length documentary film directed by Sami Mustafa and produced by Romawood, Kosovo. Sami is a Kosovo film director and producer living today in France. The film is co-produced with HUPE Film in Germany (Erik Winker, Martin Roelly and Andreas Brauer) and Crossing Bridges Production in Kosovo/USA (Antoneta Kastrati and Casey Cooper Johnson).

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Rolling to Balkan Florence Express

Rolling to Balkan Florence Express

Rassegna di cinema dai Balcani Occidentali 17-20 novembre 2014

Dal 17 al 20 Novembre arriva alla 50 Giorni di cinema Internazionale la 3a edizione del Balkan Florence Express, organizzato da Oxfam Italia in partnership con Fondazione sistema Toscana e Festival dei Popoli, film dai Balcani Occidentali.  Fiore all’occhiello del festival sono la presentazione de I ponti di Sarajevo, film collettivo firmato tra gli altri da Jean Luc Godard, Leonardo di Costanzo, Aida Begić e Cristi Puiu, presentato all’ultimo festival di Cannes, e la presenza a Firenze della star del cinema Balcanico, Jasmila Zbanić, autrice de Il segreto di Esma, Orso d’oro a Berlino 2006, che porterà nella sala dell’Odeon ben due film: in anteprima italiana LOVE ISLAND, Continue reading Rolling to Balkan Florence Express

Opening of Rolling Film Fest

Opening of Rolling Film Fest

article by Kosovo 2.0

For more photos click here.

The last time I went to a film festival in Prishtina there was a red carpet, bright lights and a line at the cocktail bar. When I arrived at the premiere of Rolling Film Festival, it was quiet at first, and certainly more subtle. But then, group by group and person by person, the crowd began to grow until the lobby was overflowing onto the stairs of the National Theater. A young man told us that he had been at the first RFF premiere five years ago and there were only twenty people in the audience; now they had a full house. Attractive programs were handed out by attentive staff members, friends greeted each other excitedly and there was an apparent sense that few, if any, had come begrudgingly. The lights flashed to signal the start and the crowd was slowly ushered into the theater. Before the event my colleagues and I discussed our intrigue regarding the choice of the opening film: a silent Charlie Chaplin movie made in 1921. We were not sure why the directors chose it, but a touching justification was soon made evident.

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Closing night Award Ceremony

Closing night, Award Ceremony

RFF #4 was closed on the 23rd of October. The event started at 20h, with the “Gypsy Spirit” documentary film, after that there was the concert from “Gipsy Groove”, Sami Mustafa came to stage to announce the winners from the Categories:
– Best Cikore Filmja
– Best Balkan Film
– Best International Film
The winner for the “Best Balkan Window”  is “Put- The Road”from Milica Stojanov from Novi Sad, Serbia.

“Put- The Road” won with 4.09 % of the total votes from the audience.

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Submit your film NOW!
New Deadline for submiting your film is 20st July 2014.

Romawood and Balkan Sunflowers NGO’s from Kosovo are organizing a 4th edition of International Rolling Film Festival – showcasing films about Roma.
We are now accepting films entries to be considered for official programing of the festival.This call for entries is for:

>> Documentaries
>> Animations
>> Features
>> Shorts
All the films should be translated or subtitles in English. Filmmakers should send their films together with; entry form, film stills, directors photo, bio and filmography attached and send to:
We strongly encourage Kosovo filmmakers to submit their works about Roma produced no later than after July 1st 2014.
To make sure your films arrives safely and faster by post, we decided to that you send us DVD and other materials of your film to France in Lyon.
Please send your films to:
Sami Mustafa & Charlotte Bohl
84 rue de Marseille
69007 Lyon
FranceWith a note: No value, for cultural purpose only.

Discovery Young Award by Cottbus@Berlinale

The Croatian producer Ivan Kelava (inset) as well as the filmmaker Sami Mustafa (Kosovo / France, on the right) were allowed to take yesterday as part of the East European Brunch claim their prizes.
Filmmaker Sami Mustafa (Kosovo / France, on the right) were allowed to take yesterday as part of the East European Brunch to his prizes.

During the Berlinale 64#,  Roma film maker
going home with Cottbus Film Festival Prize

On 12th February, the FilmFestival Cottbus together with the east west co-production market connecting cottbus and the Representation of the Land Brandenburg to the Federation in Berlin on the occasion of the 64th Berlin International Film Festival .

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Cikore Filmja Workshop in Croatia

in CROATIA 2013

with Duga NGO and
Motovun Film Festival

2013-07-01 10.57.54Twelve short films (1-5min long) were made during the course of 15 days in total and have been shown in both regions in Croatia: Cultural House of Beli Manastir and during the Motovun Film Festiaval. Continue reading Cikore Filmja Workshop in Croatia

Denis Mustafa Wining Merit Award at Depok

Denis Mustafa Denis Mustafa, having presenting his latest film Toxic Fun at Depok Film Festival in April 2012. His film won a Merit Award. This is a second prize for 17 old film maker from Plemetina village in Kosovo. The film was produced by Romawood during Art in Action film workshop lead by Sami Mustafa, Francesca Svampa. more about Art in Action on GAIA website… Toxic Fun by Denis Mustafa Continue reading Denis Mustafa Wining Merit Award at Depok

Best Director Award At Golden Wheel goes to Sar Thuvf

Gregor With Sami


One of the only festivals in the world focusing on Roma films and Cinema happening in Skoplje and organized by BRT TV. Continue reading Best Director Award At Golden Wheel goes to Sar Thuvf