Crew Members

Faton Mustafa
– Founder, Representative (2006-ongoing )

Faton is a Roma youth and social worker, a filmmaker and a journalist. Actively involve in various grass routes NGO such as Romawood (Rolling Film Festival and a great number of film workshop with Roma youth), Gaia SCI Kosovo, RomaRoads and Balkan Sunflowers, RADC; he has participated to many social and education projects as well as initiative for the empowerment of Roma communities and especially Youth in Kosovo and promoting voluntarism. From 2009 to 2011 he started working for Kosovo’s National TV (RTK)’s Roma programme “Yekhipe” to do TV Report’s, broadcast in for National Television in Kosovo (RTK) as cameraman and journalist and made more 35 TV reports on very diverse topics related to Roma Human Rights around Kosovo.

In 2014, he works as videographer for the film LIVES, The film looks at among other factors the effects of poverty, environment, and access to health care in Kosovo. Shown in New York Festival Film week and won the best film award at Albanian Film Week in Pristina.

Sami Mustafa
Founder – Film maker

IMG_0349Sami Mustafa is award wining independent documentary director, producer and writer. He is founder of Romawood, Rolling Film Festival acting as artistic director and International Romani Film Commission fostering Roma Cinema. He is also acting as film tutor that gives opportunity to young Roma people to learn and to express other lives, experience and identity through artistic methods, thus producing documentary films.

He made his first film as a trainee in 2003 in Plemetina village in Kosovo, where the native of this town learned the techniques of film making with Balkan Sunflowers NGO. Little more then a decade he has produced, directed and written more than fifty short documentaries, docu-fiction and two long length films.

In 2007, Sami founded Romawood, a production house focusing on Roma issues and population. Later that same year, he initiated the “Jekh Kham Jekh Sel / One Sun One Nation” project, which has made the most indelible impact on his life and work. One of his films “Road to Home”, a story of a young Kosovar who is visiting his occupied neighbourhood across the river of Mitrovica for the first time after the Kosovo war – this film was screened at Cannes Film Festival in 2007; it was the only Kosovar film presented. “Nachi Palem Khere / Never Back Home”, his first long length film documentary, has been develop seven years. He captures the stories, and the changes of living conditions of families from different parts of Kosovo who are “internally displaced” in his hometown in Plemetina. All his work is socially and politically engaged in Kosovo and in other European countries. His unique work as Roma filmmaker he brings the self-representation of

Roma in Cinema closer to human level and to its population in Europe.

After visiting and participating in numerous film festivals, he decides to bring a special focus in Cinema representation of Roma people thus organizing the first biennale of Rolling Film Festival – showcasing films made by and about Roma in 2009 in capital of Kosovo. The rich programs of documentaries and fiction films, quality debates, school programs, community screenings and film workshops-films made with mobile phones. Throughout the years, the festival becomes recognizes internationally and brought the Roma population in Kosovo closer to the rest of the community. Sami advised and programmed films on special focus on Roma films with different international film festivals in Europe such as Cottbus Film Festival, Douarnenez, Cineromani, Motovun FF to name few.
In 2011 he joined his companion who lived in Kosovo during three years and moved to live in Lyon, France.

Driton Berisa
– Founder

Music Composer 2006 – ongoing He is born on Decembar 29th on 1986 in Pristina. He was raised in Obilic where he finished his primary school and then after the war he moved to Plemetina village where he finished his High medicine school.  His passion for guitar started in early ages but he never got to have his own guitar. In year 2002 he bought his first guitar with three strings for 2 euros and started learning play. After few monts he bought his first guitars strings for 7 euros. He was learning by himself in beginning doing only solo of songs, after short time he has learned how to use chords and then started playing songs for friends and then writing and composing music. Today he has four instrumental songs and nine composed songs with text, and in some songs he has lyrics from his friends.  Some of the music has already been used for documentaries. His passion of coming to songs was love, reality and feeling to create something beautiful that could be enjoyed while listening but also something that he could be reminded in older age of what he’s done. Today he records music with BOSS Digital Recorder Micro Br and he has a Kirkland Electro Acoustic guitar. He works as a Learning Center Coordinator running eight staff members in Plemetina where daily 50-60 children come to write their home works and be helped.

Bajram Kinolli
– Founder (2009 – ongoing)

Bajram Kinolli – Kafu was born in 1985. His grew up in old-school folk-gypsy musical family in Gjakova. Kafu was not interested in such music; he was searching for different styles. When he turned 20, he first joined a Rap band called “West Clan Records”. Soon after that, he became a leader of a Rock band and in 2007 start performing with this group and all around Kosovo. He moved to Albania and during one year, he performed live music with the group “Sunrise” in the “Steel Wings” bar, in Tirana. During his stay, he took part of “Albania Pop Idol” where he ended among the best 30 music performers of the show. In 2009, he came back to Kosovo, searching for new experience. He started immediately to perform in Hard Rock Café with many different bands. He met Sinan Jakupi, Driton Mehmeti and the drummer Mirsad Dalipi. Together they formed a new band called “Ice Scream”. Since then, Kafu has been playing with different bands and independent artist like Driton Berisa. He participated again last year in the show “Albania Got Talent” and reached the last round, gathering 20 musicians. He played in with Gipsy Goorve in “Ngom Festival”, “ Green Festival” and outside from Kosovo in some big place in Albania. Kafu’s style is wide, from Rock, Soul, Jazz to World music, Reggae and Rap. On stage he blends diverse style of music into powerful performances. His voice is real, soulful, warm and full of good energy. Kafu is still looking for new style and for the best musical spot in his soul. He is “an activist for positive music”. “Let your body swim with the wind in the air and fell the language of vibration”


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