Discovery Young Award by Cottbus@Berlinale

The Croatian producer Ivan Kelava (inset) as well as the filmmaker Sami Mustafa (Kosovo / France, on the right) were allowed to take yesterday as part of the East European Brunch claim their prizes.
Filmmaker Sami Mustafa (Kosovo / France, on the right) were allowed to take yesterday as part of the East European Brunch to his prizes.

During the Berlinale 64#,  Roma film maker
going home with Cottbus Film Festival Prize

On 12th February, the FilmFestival Cottbus together with the east west co-production market connecting cottbus and the Representation of the Land Brandenburg to the Federation in Berlin on the occasion of the 64th Berlin International Film Festival .

As part of the now traditional East European Brunch  two awards last year’s edition of the festival were awarded yesterday. Cottbus the Discovery Award at the 23 Cottbus Film Festival worth € 4,000 and donated by Synchro Film, Video & Audio, Vienna , filmmaker Sami Mustafa (Kosovo / France) received from the hands of award sponsor Alexander Wieser. His short film LIKE SMOKE Mustafa made ​​a contribution to the program focus of last year’s festival and presented simultaneously as a member of the International Roma Film Commission (IRFC) his new film project HUMAN FREEDOM. He was last year, also a member of the jury of the competition short film.

After the ceremony Sami also said; “that this is one of the most important recognition I have received so far, and
this is not only my own recognition but many other people who are working with me since the very beginning and hopefully a recognition
to better European Society including its Roma and that this post-production prize will finally make it easier to finish my latest film Nakhino/Long Way Back“.

Award of the Society for the perception of film and television rights (GWFF) of 23 Cottbus Film Festival received the young producer Ivan Kelava (inset), who studied in Zagreb, Croatia and lives. He was handed over the price of GWFF Managing Gerti Ernst Müller-Berger. The € 4,500 € GWFF scholarship allows a period of study abroad. The Munich-based company also endowed the grand prize of the Cottbus Film Festival with a prize money of 20,000 euros.