Cikore Filmja Workshop in Croatia

in CROATIA 2013

with Duga NGO and
Motovun Film Festival

2013-07-01 10.57.54Twelve short films (1-5min long) were made during the course of 15 days in total and have been shown in both regions in Croatia: Cultural House of Beli Manastir and during the Motovun Film Festiaval. In Beli Manastir, the films were screened in front of an audience of 70 participants and in Motovun more than 300 audiences mixed nationalities and ethnicities. Motovun is an important regional film festival and the active participation of a group of Roma youth added a important dimension to the festival program and their focus on the Romani film selection that year. It was a great challenge for the youth to produce films knowing their will be presented at the festival and make them acknowledge the power of cinema in expressing their realities. Social Inclusion” theme has guided the participants and the tutors of the workshop to think in innovative way on how to open mind towards Roma community with expressing message. IMG_0351 IMG_0352 IMG_0353 IMG_0354 2013-07-04 12.44.42 IMG_0359 IMG_0352 IMG_0351

Each participant had interesting stories to tell by their own experience or the experience of others in which contributes to the open-mildness towards the Roma community. The simple fact that 10 participants in each workshop have been attending the workshop draw attention to a different local and national television and radio station. (see the media coverage part) The youth have been working on self-representation, and thirteen films have been made on their quest to counter and avoid stereotypes. The film “Who Are We” for eample shows that not many people in Beli Manastir (Baranje) knows the reality of Roma in their city. By showing and talking about the movie among their families, friends and Neighbors, this can raise questions and bring answer. By developing such workshop, it contributed to the developement of leadership and self-confidence of young people, as well as taking back control of one’s choices and individual path, autonomy, taking responsibilities. Both were very dynamic and active, with mainly Roma youth but few of them were from other communities. Roma girls have been enrolled. The films’s message, with variety degrees of success is all strong and addressing social changes. Klementina, 5.14’ Who Are We 4:19’ Between School and Mather 2:39 Unfinished Story 2:30’ Tricky Views 4:22’ Light in Darkness 3:43’ Making Off in Beli Manastir 7:57’ Love Side 1:07’ Sing for All 1:16’ Mala Mahala 2:33’ Motovun Changing 1:46’What I Feel, I do, 2:42’ The films produced are already in on YouTube and Facebook, and on DVDs, and will continue to be distributed to different Film Festival in Europe.